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It's More Than Organization, It's a New Way To Live Creative Solutions for Every Budget

Serving Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

and surrounding areas


Meet Mary Schmidt-Founder of Klutter Queen 

I have always been passionate about helping people.  Prior to starting my home organization business Klutter Queen, I worked as a Registered Nurse for 25 years, and I'm now excited to continue to work with and help people in a different realm.  I've had a knack for organizing and designing for as long as I can remember.  And I understand it can be difficult to invite someone into your home and reveal your mess, but as a mother of two grown boys, I understand life gets busy and as a result disorganized.  I get it that home organizing can often be emotional, and I am always compassionate and sensitive about this process.

My goal is to clearly understand my clients' unique challenges and goals for their space, then to help them develop maintainable strategies and solutions for first organizing and then easily enjoying their space for years to come.  Our home is a sacred place after all, and we should all feel like Queens, and Kings inside its walls.

I truly love what I do and feel the best part of my job is meeting new clients and sharing my passion of home organization with my community.  So whether you're a tired overworked Mom who needs new strategies and inspiration, or a Senior who wants to simplify their space, I handle it all.  There's no mess I can't manage.


My Services





Home Office

Childrens playrooms






Packing, unpacking and set-up



Virtual – 30 min Free Facetime, or Zoom

In Home – up to 1 hr $55 prepaid prior to consult.  If you book a session at this time, this $55 consult fee will be deducted from the session or package price.


Single Session 

Each session is typically 3-6 hours long priced at

$55 an hour

Book and pay one session at a time as needed. 3 hour minimum

$100 non refundable deposit required upon booking.


12 hour package (save 5%)


24 hour package (save 10%)


Hours can be used in multiple areas of your home, spread out over 2-6 sessions.


Pricing and Specials

Pricing and Specials


-Cost of organizing supplies

-Shopping for organizing supplies-billed at hourly rate of $55 an hour.

-Travel time over 60 minutes round trip-billed at hourly rate


Organizing Sessions​

All sessions include:
-Hands on organizing/decluttering
-Basic Printed Labels
-Unlimited texting/email between sessions
-Donation Removal (whatever my car can hold, excludes furniture)


Happy Clients' Homes






I am so happy I found Klutter Queen. Mary, the founder, is so amazing at what she does. I had so many issues with clutter in my house especially since the pandemic having my husband and 3 boys moving back home. I was quite overwhelmed. When we had our consultation, I immediately had a sense of relief. She is warm, easy to talk to and knew from the start what I needed to get organized and relieve my stress. With her expertise my house is now a functioning home. I keep using “I“ but “we” as a family are no longer stressed and everything has it’s right place! Mary also helped my husband fulfill his dream of having a workshop in our now organized garage!! Words are not enough to say how grateful we are to have had this experience! 


Gloria and Rob S

"A huge thank you to Mary from Klutter Queen for reorganizing our mud room and kitchen.  She streamlined the flow of the busiest area of our home.  Mary purged items stuffed away for years and she helped me prioritize which items to keep.  The way she arranged the kitchen makes so much sense and it's so much easier to see what's in my pantry and do meal prep.  I highly recommend Mary, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand and need that nudge to get started."

Suzanne R

Loved having Mary in our home to get us organized.  What a difference.  I’ve always been a “stasher”…if that’s a word.  When putting things away I would place them wherever I found an empty spot.  Now everything has a special place.  Our pantry has labeled containers, such as baking items, breakfast, crackers, etc.   She also made good use of turntables in our pantry & cupboards.  Now everything has its place and I know exactly where to put them. 


In addition to the organizing the kitchen, we took a look at our closets and what a difference, it was finally time to ask …. “when did I last wear that and will I ever wear it again?”  Or “does it even fit?” We did it and now I can easily find the clothes, shoes and belts that I like and because there is room things come out looking better without dragging out the ironing board.  A big improvement! 


I would  highly recommend Mary to help organize your home and the things in it. She truly is “THE KLUTTER QUEEN”!

Joan and Tom J

"Mary does amazing work!  She organized every area of my house, making things much more functional and aesthetically pleasing.  She has great ideas for organization that I would never have come up with on my own.  She truly enjoys what she does and is so easy and fun to work with.  I absolutely recommend!"

Jenny  T

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